Chapter 23

1 And Job made answer and said, 2 Even today my outcry is bitter; his hand is hard on my sorrow. 3 If only I had knowledge of where he might be seen, so that I might come even to his seat! 4 I would put my cause in order before him, and my mouth would be full of arguments. 5 I would see what his answers would be, and have knowledge of what he would say to me. 6 Would he make use of his great power to overcome me? No, but he would give attention to me. 7 There an upright man might put his cause before him; and I would be free for ever from my judge. 8 See, I go forward, but he is not there; and back, but I do not see him; 9 I am looking for him on the left hand, but there is no sign of him; and turning to the right, I am not able to see him. 10 For he has knowledge of the way I take; after I have been tested I will come out like gold. 11 My feet have gone in his steps; I have kept in his way, without turning to one side or to the other. 12 I have never gone against the orders of his lips; the words of his mouth have been stored up in my heart. 13 But his purpose is fixed and there is no changing it; and he gives effect to the desire of his soul. 14 For what has been ordered for me by him will be gone through to the end: and his mind is full of such designs. 15 For this cause I am in fear before him, my thoughts of him overcome me. 16 For God has made my heart feeble, and my mind is troubled before the Ruler of all. 17 For I am overcome by the dark, and by the black night which is covering my face.

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