Chapter 148

1 Give praise to the Lord. Let the Lord be praised from the heavens: give him praise in the skies. 2 Give praise to him, all you his angels: give praise to him, all his armies. 3 Give praise to him, you sun and moon: give praise to him, all you stars of light. 4 Give praise to him, you highest heavens, and you waters which are over the heavens. 5 Let them give praise to the name of the Lord: for he gave the order, and they were made. 6 He has put them in their places for ever; he has given them their limits which may not be broken. 7 Give praise to the Lord from the earth, you great sea-beasts, and deep places: 8 Fire and rain of ice, snow and mists; storm-wind, doing his word: 9 Mountains and all hills; fruit-trees and all trees of the mountains: 10 Beasts and all cattle; insects and winged birds: 11 Kings of the earth, and all peoples; rulers and all judges of the earth: 12 Young men and virgins; old men and children: 13 Let them give glory to the name of the Lord: for his name only is to be praised: his kingdom is over the earth and the heaven. 14 He has put on high the horn of his people, for the praise of all his saints; even the children of Israel, a people which is near to him. Let the Lord be praised.

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