Chapter 29

1 A man hating sharp words and making his heart hard, will suddenly be broken and will not be made well again. 2 When the upright have power, the people are glad; when an evil man is ruler, grief comes on the people. 3 A man who is a lover of wisdom is a joy to his father: but he who goes in the company of loose women is a waster of wealth. 4 A king, by right rule, makes the land safe; but one full of desires makes it a waste. 5 A man who says smooth things to his neighbour is stretching out a net for his steps. 6 In the steps of an evil man there is a net for him, but the upright man gets away quickly and is glad. 7 The upright man gives attention to the cause of the poor: the evil-doer gives no thought to it. 8 Men of pride are the cause of violent acts in a town, but by wise men wrath is turned away. 9 If a wise man goes to law with a foolish man, he may be angry or laughing, but there will be no rest. 10 Men of blood are haters of the good man, and evil-doers go after his soul. 11 A foolish man lets out all his wrath, but a wise man keeps it back quietly. 12 If a ruler gives attention to false words, all his servants are evil-doers. 13 The poor man and his creditor come face to face: the Lord gives light to their eyes equally. 14 The king who is a true judge in the cause of the poor, will be safe for ever on the seat of his power. 15 The rod and sharp words give wisdom: but a child who is not guided is a cause of shame to his mother. 16 When evil men are in power, wrongdoing is increased; but the upright will have pleasure when they see their downfall. 17 Give your son training, and he will give you rest; he will give delight to your soul. 18 Where there is no vision, the people are uncontrolled; but he who keeps the law will be happy. 19 A servant will not be trained by words; for though the sense of the words is clear to him, he will not give attention. 20 Have you seen a man who is quick with his tongue? There is more hope for a foolish man than for him. 21 If a servant is gently cared for from his early years, he will become a cause of sorrow in the end. 22 An angry man is the cause of fighting, and a man given to wrath does much wrong. 23 A man's pride will be the cause of his fall, but he who has a gentle spirit will get honour. 24 A man who takes part with a thief has hate for his soul; he is put under oath, but says nothing. 25 The fear of man is a cause of danger: but whoever puts his faith in the Lord will have a safe place on high. 26 The approval of a ruler is desired by great numbers: but the decision in a man's cause comes from the Lord. 27 An evil man is disgusting to the upright, and he who is upright is disgusting to evil-doers.

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